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If you are like most professional service companies in the B2B space, you struggle with being found by the right customers. Not only that — there’s also the challenge of finding other great companies when you need specific services.

Given the sheer volume of information and business listings on the internet, this isn’t surprising.

Who do you call? Who can you trust? How do you know if the companies are legitimate?

We started 7Contact for professional service firms because we understand how important the “people” element is in the B2B space. If you want great service results, you have to work with great service people, and that only happens at the best companies.

That’s why 7Contact doesn’t follow the industry standard. Many popular business directories celebrate having tens of millions of listings across every sector imaginable. They try to be everything to everyone, meaning they offer nothing tailored to your needs.

7Contact is different — in a good way! Instead of trying to reach the masses, we focus on cultivating a lower number of higher-caliber members through a rigorous selection process.

We want 7Contact to be the go-to resource for connecting great professional service businesses with each other. Services such as accounting, architecture, engineering, legal, management consulting, marketing, human resources and more.

And we only want the best members to join. Potential members like you who are a part of top companies — ones that lead their markets, are great places to work, and have plenty of opportunity areas to be explored.

To ensure only the best join, we built 7Contact as an exclusive, niche business directory with paid membership.

Why register on 7Contact?

          ✓      Maximum Visibility Listing in our Exclusive List of the Top Companies in the world
          ✓      Access to a Premium Selection of world-renowned Service Providers
          ✓      Ability to promote your business to key players in your industry
          ✓      Reduced search time in finding the right leads for your business needs
          ✓      Enhanced Business Reputation as a Top Company
          ✓      Greater Brand Awareness on an International Scale


$399 USD – 6-Month Trial Subscription
$649 USD – 1 Year Subscription
$999 USD – 2 Year Subscription

To join, simply fill in the application form and our dedicated verification team will review your application within 24 hours.

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